Boss Engineering Nigeria Limited

in collaboration with

Nigeria Content development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)


skill acquisition & empowerment trainings
Purposeful Training

eradicating Poverty

The trainings are structured in such a way that societal challlenges are eliminated with two basic objectives

Gain Livelihood

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Tackle insecurity

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Our Trainings Models

BOSS ENGINEERING NIGERIA LIMITED is a Nigerian based company with diverse interests and capabilities in modern engineering services, instructive or educational training in vocational and on job training empowerment.
BOSS Engineering Nig ltd is an equal opportunity employer and also offers internships to students in respective fields. It is a muiti-disciplinary services, development and training field. It areas of competencies include, engineering services, skill development training, undertaking of projects for clients.


Our aim is simple: to help you succeed. An ever-changing operating landscape means we need to continuously evolve to ensure we provide only world-class learning interventions from creation through to delivery in partnership with the finest providers.

Ways to Learn

At Boss Engineering., we believe it is crucial to empower people to perform at the very highest level through carefully designed and executed programmes. That’s why our learning interventions are provided through methods designed for optimal impact on participants’ behaviour.

Support, when you need it

At Boss Engineering., we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with clients and trainees. Our closeness to you translates to constant and prompt support as and when you need it.

Great fit, whatever your size

Our learning solutions are adaptable to groups of all sizes, whether  five people or 10,000, we can help you adjust to global learning styles.
our latest training

Upcoming Training

mobile Phone Hardware & Software Training

The training is meant to equip youths with skill to ensure a stable livelihood by learning how to repair mobile phone. It’s a month intensive training coming up in Bauchi. Participants must be recident or have accomodation in Bauchi

Any Age (18 & Above)
No Education Requirement
Completely Beginner

Some Past Trainings

Carpentry Trainings




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class hours

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The Complete Carpentry Training

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